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Make Travel Easy With The Best Toddler Travel Beds!

Traveling with a toddler can definitely be challenging! This is especially true when it comes to bedtime and figuring out where your toddler will sleep. Hotel beds can be high & dangerous, but the floor or a roll-away bed can be just as tricky. Whether you’re visiting some of the best places to travel with kids or staying with family, here are the 8 best toddler travel beds! They will give your child a comfortable, fun, and safe place to sleep when traveling. The beds on this list are easy to set up, break down, and carry along with you making them must-haves no matter what your destination is. 

Best Air Mattresses for Traveling Toddlers

Air mattresses are a great option when traveling. While you could go with a simple twin-sized air mattress, I would recommend getting an air mattress made specifically for toddlers. This is mainly because these will have built-in inflatable rails or bumpers. This will ease your worry about keeping your toddler from falling out of bed during the night.

Toddler air mattresses are basic and easy to use, so they won’t add any stress onto long travel days! If you’re familiar with inflating and decompressing an air mattress, these work just the same. Some even have technology that makes it easier to deflate and compress them.  This way they easily fit back into a carrying case.

The Shrunks Toddler Air Mattress

best toddler travel bed   

This toddler air mattress is the gold standard. It is one of the best inflatable toddler travel beds. It is a standard air mattress with the addition of simple, low bumpers on the sides for added safety. The design makes it easy to get in and out or to check on your child throughout the night. The middle portion has a space around the edges for tucking a sheet, making it easy to get ready for bed and pack up.

The Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Bed

best toddler travel bed

The Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Bed comes in 2 pieces giving it higher bumpers for extra security. The middle portion of the bed comes out completely to make it easy to add sheets and can be used separately as your child gets older and doesn’t need the bumpers at night. This mattress inflates and deflates quickly so you don’t have a lot of setup before bed.


The Best Fold Out Cots & Pop Up Beds For Toddlers

Some of the best options for toddler travel beds are cots and pop up beds. These are easily foldable and collapsible bed options. You can set them up quickly and can be used as benches or extra seats at a campsite or in the backyard. These are a good option for those that are looking for a bed specifically for camping or if you want something that’s easy to store, easy to set up, and doesn’t take up a ton of space. Using these in a hotel or at a friend’s house allows you to fold it back up during the day to save space in your room while making it easy to set up for bedtime.

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

best toddler travel bed

How cute is this tent bed? It will truly give your toddler their own space. Both sides can be left open or closed (with plenty of ventilation), which comes in handy if you’re in a space where others may be staying up later than your little one. Keep in mind, the mattress and the bed frame are not included, this is just the tent piece. However, I appreciate this because it gives you the freedom to set it up any way you would like. You may want to look into one of the air mattresses above to place inside, or you can simply make it cozy with blankets. 

Kidco PeadPod Plus Portable Travel Bed

best toddler travel bed

This may be my favorite toddler travel bed on this whole list! It is so easy to pack up and take on the go with you. It is super lightweight and the mesh will protect your toddler from insects as well as allow for great airflow. Another great feature of this pop tent is that it offers UV protection meaning you can also use it for protection on sunny days. This travel bed does come with a sleeping pad that can easily be removed for cleaning. 

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

The Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed has a very simple design that easily folds out. This is one of the best toddler travel bed options because it gets your child off the ground but is still low to the ground. You can put a fitted sheet on this bed as well. It can also be used as a fun place for your child to sit and hang out for movie nights or sleepovers. This cot is well worth the investment because it has multiple purposes, such as for camping, or even in a playroom, as opposed to a toddler air mattress that may have more limited usage.

Joovy Foocot Child Cot

Another fold out cot option is the Joovy Foocot Child Cot. I love the fun colors this one comes in! It is very easy to set up and provides plenty of room for your little one to spread out. It also comes in its own travel bag complete with a strap. The bed itself has two storage pockets for keeping an alarm clock or comfort items during the day. This is a great toddler bed to add to any hotel room, cruise ship cabin, or guest room.


Inflatable Bed Bumpers

Another option to create a safe toddler travel bed is to use inflatable bed bumpers.

OlarHike Bed Rail Bumpers

These two inflatable bumpers are waterproof and have straps to tuck under the mattress to keep them right where you want them. These bumpers work with a wide variety of beds. They are designed to make it easy to place them anywhere in the bed. You can create a smaller sleep space, or use them to simply separate the bed. Everything in this set packs up easily and you can store it all in a suitcase. You can inflate these bumpers with your mouth, so you won’t have to carry separate tools or pumps.

Oh Baby! Inflatable Bed Bumper with Air Pump

best toddler travel bed

These follow the same concept as the bumpers above, but I love that they come with an air pump and little bag. These bumpers are so easy to travel with, you probably won’t even notice the addition in your bag. These do not have straps to attach them to the bed, so you will have to make sure they are firmly in place by covering them with the sheet and firmly tucking it under the bed. 



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Free Baby Stuff – 50+ Baby Freebies for New Moms

Babies might be little angels most of the time, but they sure do know how to clear out your wallet. I was in disbelief each time I packed up a diaper bag for a day trip or a suitcase for travel how much babies really do need. Don’t worry you will eventually find the perfect method to grab all your things, pack up and head out the door. The thing that really gets me is how much it costs to buy all these new “things” that your baby apparently needs. It’s all tiny, so it should be cheaper right? Wrong! Here’s the positive twist though, there are actually so many options for free baby stuff out there for moms and you should not be afraid to take advantage of them. We have pulled together some of the best freebies for moms out there all right here.

Free Clothes

You are going to go through a lot of adorable baby clothes….. a lot. So, here are some super cute options that are Free, yes Free!

Free Baby Shoes

Free Baby Shoes

Get up to $60 in Free shoes at Little Wanders when you use promo code Rookie2. There are so many adorable pairs, you have to check them all out. 

Free Baby Stuff


Free Baby Leggings

free baby stuff baby leggings

Yup free adorable baby leggings.  Visit and put one pair in your cart. Use promo code rookie2 and you only have to pay for shipping.

Free Baby Leggings

Ruffle Buns 

Free Baby Clothes

These adorable ruffle buns can be yours for free. In fact you can actually get three of them. Get $60 in FREE Ruffle Buns when use code: Rookie2 

There are tons of styles to choose from plus they any have a whole different line just for boys called Stud Muffins. Check out all their styles here

Free Baby Gear

Carseat Cover Freebie

car seat cover

Carseat Canopies are lifesavers in a lot of ways and were a huge favorite of mine for the way they kept our babies private in public and shaded from the sun. Canopy Couture has some amazing car seat covers in many different styles. Use promo code rookie2 to receive $50 off your first order. Most of the car seat covers are $50 so all you have to pay is the shipping. Check out all their styles here!

Free Baby Sling

Free Baby Sling

Saving your back and arms is a must for any mama. I loved having a baby sling for my little one and these baby slings by Seven Baby are not only adorable, but they are also FREE! Use promo code rookie2 and get $40 Off any Sling. Check out all the styles here. 

Udder Cover Nursing Cover

free baby stuff udder cover

You might already have a favorite nursing cover picked out on your registry, but it never hurts to have an extra one especially when you can get it for free. Go to, place one of the nursing covers in your cart, and enter the code Rookie2. You will only have to pay the cost of shipping, which is around $14.

Free Nursing Cover

$35 in FREE Breast Pads

Free Breast Pads

Breas Pads are unfortunately a necessity for any nursing mama. offers $35 of FREE Breast Pads when you use promo code: rookie2 Check out all their available styles. 


FREE Bed for Baby

Baby Box University – 

This is a specially designed box that can be used as a safe place for your baby to sleep. Inspired by the famous Finland Baby Boxes, which have significantly driven down the infant death rate in their country. The box, of course, comes with some goodies inside like breastmilk storage bags and diapers. When it is empty, it can be used as a safe place for your baby to sleep. Visit their site at

Delivery Method: Shipped to You

Costs Involved: Free (just watch a quick series of helpful videos on their site!)


Free Stuff for Mama

Belly Bands

belly button bands

Belly Bands are a must-have for any pregnant mama. They help transfer your pants into maternity pants and provides great support for your belly and back. The belly button band is a great option. Use our code: rookie2 and save $40 off which can get you 2 Bands for FREE!


Free Books

free baby stuff dr seuss book club

Dr. Seuss Book Club Freebies

When you sign up for the Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club subscription, you will get 4 books for $4.99 and no shipping costs. It is definitely a steal. Dr. Seuss books are classic and I love my bedtime memories of reading them with my kids. Make sure to cancel the subscription, which is a piece of cake to do online to prevent this from becoming a recurring charge. Here’s the link to register.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to you within two weeks
  • Costs Involved: $4.99

Free Books from Babsy

free baby books

Babsy offers $40 in Free Books. Use Promo Code: Rookie2 You can get great titles to help your child with development.

Imagination Books Monthly Freebie

This program is only available in certain communities, but if it happen to be in yours you can sign up for one free book a month from 0-5 years old. Take a look at this map and see if the program is available in your area.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: $0

free baby stuff kindle children's books

Free Kindle Children’s Books

So, this free baby stuff freebie is a little different. Kindle offers various free books in all categories, but if you are a mom you need to check out their children’s section! They have great books available for all ages.

Free Formula

free baby stuff store brand formula

Visit for tons of coupons monthly that will get you discounted baby formula. They also are running a sweepstakes for two free cases of formula and an iPad mini. Keep in mind, when you fill out your information the first time to click the “Get My Coupon” button.

  • Delivery Method: Print Immediately
  • Costs Involved: $0

free baby stuff pediasmart

Baby’s Only or PediaSmart Free Sample

Head over to Nature’s One Brands to receive your free 12 oz sample of formula. All you have to pay is the shipping.

free baby stuff enfamil family beginnings

Enfamil Family Beginnings Program Freebies

This freebie is easy to get and so worth it. Just sign up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings program and you will receive free products like formula samples and lots of coupons.

Freebie Gift Boxes

free baby stuff target

Target Registry Freebie Box ($50 Value)

Target is my life. No for real, I do not think I could survive without my weekly trips there. You will probably be creating a baby registry here anyways, but if that was not in your plans you should highly consider it because when you sign up you qualify for a Baby Welcome Kit. It’s a box you will go pick up from your local Target full of samples and up to $50 worth of coupons. Moms say they’ve received everything from wipes to breast pads in theirs.

  • Delivery Method: Pick Up in Store
  • Costs Involved: Free

free baby stuff enfamil

Enfamil Formula

For free baby stuff, you will have to join the Enfamil Family Beginnings Program, but it is so worth it. You will receive gifts from your pregnancy all the way through your baby’s toddler years. They send little samples of formula, lots of coupons, and some cute freebies too.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: Free


Baby Box University – 

This is a free box for California moms and dads inspired by the famous Finland Baby Boxes, which have significantly driven down the infant death rate in their country. The box, of course, comes with some goodies inside like breastmilk storage bags and diapers. When it is empty, it can be used as a safe place for your baby to sleep. Visit their site at

Delivery Method: Shipped to You

Costs Involved: Free (just watch a quick series of helpful videos on their site!)

free baby stuff the honest co

Honest Co Box

We love everything Honest Co and that’s why their freebie box is so high up on our list, but there is one catch. You get this freebie bundle by signing up for a trial, here. You will sign up for this monthly subscription, but you HAVE to remember to cancel or you will be charged monthly. Call (888) 862-8818 to cancel your membership once you’ve ordered your free trial. Once you are signed up, you pay the shipping fee of and receive either diapers and wipes or an essentials bundle (shampoo, lotion, household cleaner, soap).

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: $5.95 shipping

free baby stuff similac

Similac StrongMoms Kit

To receive these goodies, you will register for the StrongMoms rewards program, which you can find here. They will personalize your gifts to fit you and your baby’s needs best. The program not only includes gifts, but customized benefits and exclusive savings.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: Free

free baby stuff amazon registry

Amazon Registry Freebie Box

Amazon is a close second to Target when it comes to my favorite things in life. Did you know you can register for your baby shower through Amazon too? If you have Amazon Prime just register and spend $10, then you get to pick out a free baby stuff welcome box to be sent to your doorstep. The items in the welcome box are typically valued around $35, so it’s a pretty great deal!

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You
  • Costs Involved: Spend $10 on one of your registry items before receiving the freebie

free baby stuff walmart baby box

Walmart Baby Box

Walmart offers 3 different boxes; expecting, newborn, and toddler. You just pay the shipping and handling fee and samples for you and your little one will be sent your way. The free baby stuff samples vary but can be anything from pacifiers, diapers, wipes, or coupons. Sign up for receive yours here.

Other Freebies

free baby stuff shutterfly

50 Free Shutterfly Prints

Head over to Shutterfly by clicking here and pick out 50 4×6 photos of your little one. Enter the code YUR49S when you are checking out and they will become free! You will just have to pay for shipping and then you will be filling all your frames with new pictures in no time.

free baby stuff gymboree play and music

Gymboree Play & Music Class

For about $75 a month, Gymboree offers different play classes tailored to your baby’s age. Fortunately, you can try it out with your first class being free. Click here to find the nearest location and snag a free class pass 

free baby stuff amazon prime family

30 Days of Amazon Family Prime

You can sign up for one free month of Amazon Family, which also includes 20% off things like diapers and baby food. The family prime account is well worth having even past the free month, so don’t miss out on it. Check out all the details here.


free baby stuff seventh generation

Join Seventh Generation Baby for Diapers

Click here to sign up for Generation Good and earn rewards points, receive free baby stuff samples, and print out coupons.

  • Costs Involved: $5.95 for any shipping


free baby stuff pea to pumpkin

Pea to Pumpkin Baby Journal

As tired as you will be as a new mom, it’s so special to have a journal filled with special moments to look back on and remember. When you sign up for ScholarShare here, you will receive a free baby journal.

  • Delivery Method: Shipped to You within a week
  • Costs Involved: $0


free baby stuff parents magazine

Parents Magazine Subscription

Time to trade in Cosmo for the Parents magazine! Good thing it’s free for a whole year to make the transition a little easier. There are a couple ways to get this offer, but here is one.


free baby stuff babies r us

Babies “R” Us

Sadly, both Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us are shutting down, but if there is a store near you head straight there and take advantage of their deeply discounted items. They also used to offer a bundle box when you signed up for a registry, so if you currently have one open there make sure to ask an employee about receiving it!

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Pin for later – Free Baby Stuff – 50+ Freebies for New Moms

There are actually so many options for free baby stuff out there for moms and you should not be afraid to take advantage of them. We have pulled together some of the best freebies for moms out there all right here. #free #freebies #newmoms #babystuff #save #savebig #savings

Free Baby Stuff - 50+ Freebies for New Moms free baby stuff

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Rescue Your Back with the Best Toddler Carriers!

It’s easy to carry a newborn or infant in a baby wrap, but as a child gets older and reaches the toddler stage, most parents will want a carrier of some kind. Using a toddler carrier makes it easier to carry your baby when you’re out. This might be while hiking or spending time outdoors, or during any lengthy activity where it can be tricky to hold your baby in your arms. Our top 10 are those that you will get a few years of use out of. They make it easier for your child to explore and give parents a hand for long-duration carrying.

best toddler carrier

What is a toddler carrier?

A toddler carrier is a device that allows you to carry your toddler either on your back, on your chest, or at your hip. Most of these mimic how a parent naturally carries a toddler. They help provide support to both the parent and the child while carrying. It is larger than an infant sling and uses smart design to support the toddler. It will be a comfortable ride while also helping the parent by distributing the toddler’s weight evenly.

Why are they useful?

Babywearing is awesome because it helps the toddler bond with the parent. Yet, still gives the parent support and helps to carry the toddler’s weight. They make it easy to keep an eye on your toddler while going for a walk, shopping, or spending time outdoors. A toddler carrier connects parent and toddler while offering a fun ride.

Different Types

  • Hiking carriers: these use a frame to support the toddler’s weight and typically are for long-distance walking or hiking. We also have an article dedicated to carriers made just for hiking, check it out!
  • Seat carriers: these use a wide seat to support the toddler’s weight and typically are used on the hip or as a front-facing carrier
  • Backpack carriers: these fit like a traditional backpack and carry the toddler on the parent’s back
  • Multi-function carriers: these are convertible and often have multiple ways they can be worn or used


  • Comfort: it must be comfortable for both the parent and the child
  • Function: it must be functional for the parent, with added pockets, straps, and supports
  • Accessibility: it must be easy to use for the parent and easy to get the child in and out of
  • Durable: both in terms of wear and tear and provides at least a year of use as your child grows

Top 10 Best Toddler Carriers

1: Clevr Deluxe Hiking Toddler Carrier

best toddler carrier

This lightweight hiking toddler carrier is available in a few bright colors. You can pick the one that suits your style. The storage pockets and removable backpack make it multi-functional and gives parents room for their gear as well as for the toddler essentials. The thick straps, waist belt, toddler seat, and lumbar support help keep both parent and toddler comfortable on any trek. There’s an adjustable canopy to keep the sun or weather off of the toddler and has an extendable rain guard. It weighs 5 pounds and has a foldable metal frame that folds flat for easy storage.

2: Clevr Premium Hiking Toddler Carrier

best toddler carrier

For those hiking families looking for a toddler carrier that’s a step above, check out the premium option. It is also offered in a range of colors and elevates the design details from the deluxe to create the perfect hiking toddler carrier. There are larger storage compartments, two water bottle holders, and a kickstand. The kickstand will give you a break during stops without having to take the toddler out. The seat is adjustable, there’s a canopy for sun and rain, foot stirrups, and plenty of space for your gear. There’s even a drool pad; perfect for early, sleepy hikes. 

3: Lamibaby Hip Seat

This hip seat is a great way to get a little assistance when carrying around an infant all the way to the toddler stage. The main portion is a padded seat that your baby sits on while in the traditional hip carrying position. This seat buckles across the parent’s hip, with a shoulder support to help distribute the baby’s weight evenly. The seat is ergonomic for proper hip development and the design gives parents lumbar support in 4 positions. This specific toddler carrier allows baby to bond with the parent carrying them, while giving parents a bit of extra support and stability.

4: Bijou Wear Skya Lightweight Ring Sling

best toddler carrier

Most of the toddler carriers on this top 10 list are traditional backpack style. However, this ring sling by Bijou Wear takes the familiar ring sling for infants and small babies and provides a larger sling for toddlers. This ring sling comes in different sizes, with the X-large sling ideal for toddlers up to 35 pounds. Toddlers can be carried in the front or on the hip for a little extra support. This soft sling is great for packing into a backpack or keeping in the car for easy use whenever you need it.

5: Bebamour 2-in-1 Seat Toddler Carrier

For those looking for a toddler seat as well as a traditional carrier, consider this toddler option by Bebamour. The single-seat configuration sits low across the parent’s hips and buckles securely. It also provides a padded seat for baby to sit or lay on. This gives parents some extra support while carrying baby. The baby carrier configuration uses backpack style straps to carry baby on your chest or on your back. Baby can be on your chest forward-facing or rear-facing, depending on their age. It can carry babies from 3 to 36 months.

6: Evenflo Natural Fit Soft Toddler Carrier

best toddler carrier

Another great front and back toddler carrier is this simple, natural colored option from Evenflo. The breathable fabric makes it comfortable for both the parent and the child so they can focus on bonding and exploring. Whatever way you wear it your baby will face in, which is great for younger children and toddlers alike. The simple design and neutral color make it perfect for many families. This is a great backup option to have in the car or as your main option for outdoor activities.

7: Tula Ergonomic Toddler Carrier

This carrier specifically caters to toddlers and is best used with children 25 to 60 pounds. This company makes a range of baby and toddler carriers, with this one being specifically designed for use with older children. The simple construction features a wide waist strap with two backpack style straps and extra support to provide a custom fit. The front panel is available in a range of prints and colors to add some personality. The carrier works in two configurations, carrying your toddler on your chest or your back, for bonding, connection, and a supportive carry.

8: Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Toddler Carrier

best toddler carrier

This is a very simple, machine washable option that can carry baby from 3 pounds to 36 pounds. There’s a narrow seat facing in position for the infant age with a transition to facing in with a wide seat, facing out, and eventually back carrying for the toddler. This is a simply designed, soft fabric carrier with padded straps and a comfortable baby support section. The neutral color and convertible design makes this an all in one option for those looking for something straightforward and easy to use.

9: LILLEbaby CarryOn Airflow

There are plenty of options on the market that convert to support toddlers. This one was specifically designed to carry toddlers and accommodate their size and proportions. The seat is larger and wider than the others. This makes it easier to use for a longer duration, both to keep your toddler comfortable and to get more use out of it before your baby outgrows it. It will support toddlers carried on the parent’s back and has breathable panels, supportive straps, and considers their hips and growing bodies as well as parent’s pressure points. The child can be carried in a front carry, forward-facing, and rear carrying setup for functionality and free hands.

10: MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D Baby and Toddler Carrier

best toddler carrier

Lastly, we bring you the amazing MiaMily Hipster. It can carry a child from 3 months old all the way to 4 years. This is the must-have toddler carrier for families that want to have just one for all carrying needs. The design and construction are top quality. Plus, it has 9 different configurations to provide the best carrying option for your needs. It allows you to carry baby forward facing, front, back, and hip, all the while keeping things comfortable for you and your toddler. There’s an extra storage compartment in the seat, which means you can carry everything you need within this carrier and have both hands free for shopping, hiking, and spending time outdoors.


Toddler carriers are a must for any family, as it helps your child explore the world while keeping each parent hands-free to participate in the day’s events. Each one on this list is different, as some have a seat for hip use while others have a traditional backpack style for rear carrying. No matter your needs and the configuration you choose, all of these top 10 toddler carriers will offer comfort and support for both the parent and the toddler, and most can carry your child from 6 months to almost 4 years.

If you have any questions about these Carriers, feel free to leave them in the comments or
send us a Direct Message on Instagram

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