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150 Adorable & Strong One Syllable Boy Names

Is there anything more stressful than naming your child? Okay, well there might be a few things you can think of but in the heat of the moment, it can be extremely difficult! Suddenly the nurse is handing you a piece of paper asking you to fill out the name and if you haven’t decided yet, it can be really stressful. We’re here to help you avoid that with this list of 150 adorable one syllable boy names!

One syllable names have long been popular for baby boys, sometimes they just flow better with your last name and sometimes they are just too cute. You will find plenty of classics on this list along with some newer, trendier names. Once you have found the perfect first name, you will probably be on the prowl for a middle name. Don’t fret we have a list for that too, check it out here!

150 Adorable One Syllable Boy Names

one syllable boy names

My Personal Favorites

I love, love, love shorter names and these are some of my absolute favorites. I appreciate the fact that these one-syllable boy names cannot really be shortened to a nickname. That way my son will just be called the name we give him!

  1. Nash
  2. Zeke
  3. Cade
  4. Cash
  5. Knox
  6. Crew
  7. Rome
  8. Cruz
  9. Cal
  10. Briggs

Classic One Syllable Names

As mentioned previously, many classic boy names are just one syllable. I think classic names are on the comeback. However, I have included a mix of more and less popular depending on what you are looking for. 

  1. Wade
  2. Gabe
  3. Gael
  4. Abe
  5. Mark
  6. Roy
  7. Shawn
  8. Bruce
  9. Luke
  10. Lee
  11. Max
  12. Will
  13. Mark
  14. Neil
  15. Gage
  16. James
  17. Pierce
  18. Dean
  19. Gus
  20. Colt
  21. Neil 
  22. Clark 
  23. Hayes
  24. Chase
  25. Wayne
  26. Keith
  27. Paul
  28. Sam
  29. Jack
  30. Reed
  31. Rhett
  32. Clyde
  33. Ross
  34. Grant
  35. Heath
  36. Greg
  37. Tom
  38. Jude
  39. Vince
  40. Lance
  41. Hugh
  42. Frank
  43. Hank
  44. Bryce
  45. Jon

Unique One Syllable Names for Boys

one syllable boy names

Calling all millennials! These unique one-syllable boy names are perfect for fitting in with the current trends. The Social Security Administration has listed the most popular names of the last year here if you are looking for some inspiration. 

  1. Flynn
  2. Cam
  3. Ford
  4. Troy
  5. Drew
  6. Chad
  7. Ty
  8. Breck
  9. Wes
  10. Shay
  11. Duke
  12. Chet
  13. Kurt
  14. Boone
  15. Mac
  16. Finn
  17. Zane
  18. Royal
  19. Nate
  20. Van
  21. Kobe
  22. Zak 
  23. Drake
  24. Jett
  25. Jay
  26. Lake
  27. Reign 
  28. Kane
  29. Pax
  30. Wynn
  31. Clay
  32. Red
  33. Sven
  34. Ace
  35. Lane
  36. Chance
  37. Jay
  38. Brooks
  39. Creed
  40. Quinn
  41. Rey
  42. Axl
  43. Reid
  44. Trey
  45. Joel
  46. Saul
  47. Rex
  48. Dash
  49. Penn
  50. King
  51. Tate
  52. Kai
  53. Brock
  54. Fox
  55. Shane
  56. Jace
  57. Jax
  58. Kace
  59. Dirk
  60. Kip
  61. Miles
  62. Cole
  63. Ray
  64. Tad
  65. Seth
  66. Reece
  67. Russ
  68. Tripp
  69. Blake
  70. Grey
  71. Dre
  72. Vaughn
  73. Hans
  74. Cale
  75. Beau 
  76. Trace
  77. Smith
  78. Wolf
  79. Dale
  80. Flint
  81. Thor
  82. Brett
  83. Dax
  84. Sky
  85. Todd
  86. Von
  87. Ike
  88. Fitz
  89. Holt
  90. Brant
  91. Kent
  92. Trent
  93. Leif
  94. West
  95. Huck


Have more name suggestions? Leave them in the comments! Also, check out our Rookie Moms Facebook Group, it’s a great group of moms where you can share your experiences, ask for advice and even help out another mom!

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150 One Syllable Girl Names [Short & Sweet!]

Picking out a name for your new baby girl is no walk in the park! Knowing this is something that will stick with your child their whole life puts tons of pressure on you to pick something timeless, but still unique. My advice is to not let this pressure get to you, the right name will come to you and it will be the perfect fit for your daughter. Plus, we are here to help! We have pulled together a list of 150 one syllable girl names. 

You may be wondering, why one-syllable names? I personally love that many of them have a soft and sweet sound to them. Another thing I love about a short first name is that it gives you many options when it comes to the middle name. You can find our list of middle names for girls here! Many people believe that shorter first names emanate strength, as they seem decisive. They also have less of a chance of being shortened into a nickname, which many parents appreciate. 

one syllable names girl names

150 Short and Sweet One Syllable Girl Names

My Personal Favorites

It just would not be right to create a list of names without including some of my personal favorites! I love names like Jo, Beth, and Mae that can be paired with so many others to make a two-part name. You will also see that many of the names listed under my favorites are unisex, just a personal preference!

  1. Lane
  2. Sage
  3. Blake
  4. Viv
  5. Quinn 
  6. Tate
  7. Wren
  8. Dawn
  9. Ash
  10. Beth
  11. Beck 
  12. Jo
  13. Gwen
  14. Drew
  15. Lark
  16. Val
  17. Cruz
  18. Shay
  19. Nell
  20. Zen
  21. Dot 
  22. Scout
  23. Reign 
  24. Tris
  25. Mae 

Timeless One Syllable Names

one syllable names girl names

I adore these classic one syllable baby girl names! Plus, you just cannot go wrong with picking a name you know to be timeless. Many of these names have faded in popularity over time, but I think they might just be on the comeback! 

  1. Hope
  2. Jean 
  3. Lynn
  4. Gaye
  5. Elle
  6. June
  7. Eve
  8. Joy
  9. Claire
  10. Greer
  11. Liv
  12. Blaire 
  13. Brynn 
  14. Anne
  15. Faye
  16. Blaine
  17. Sam
  18. Kate
  19. Rose
  20. Bette
  21. Belle
  22. Pearl 
  23. Jude
  24. Fleur
  25. Fay
  26. Kat
  27. Leigh
  28. Jan
  29. Fran
  30. Viv
  31. Meg
  32. Cher
  33. Ruth
  34. Fern
  35. Grace
  36. Lyss
  37. Kitt
  38. Faith
  39. Lille
  40. Bree
  41. Sue
  42. Jill 
  43. Tess
  44. Wynn
  45. Prue
  46. Sloane
  47. Prim 
  48. May
  49. Nan
  50. Vic

One of a Kind One Syllable Girl Names

Some of these names you may have heard, but hopefully, some of the others will be new additions that you haven’t yet thought of! They take inspiration from all sorts of things, from nature to fruits and even other cultures. Many of the most popular names in recent years have been two syllable names, so choosing one of these shorter names provides uniqueness in that aspect as well. 

  1. Jade
  2. Kaye
  3. Noor
  4. Zed
  5. Kai
  6. Skye
  7. Bryce 
  8. Cal
  9. Grey
  10. Neve
  11. Jai
  12. Blaise
  13. Len
  14. Rue 
  15. Bow
  16. Lake
  17. Bliss
  18. Cam
  19. Lou
  20. Paige 
  21. Rae 
  22. Cay
  23. Britt
  24. Ash
  25. Banks
  26. Shawn
  27. True
  28. Vail 
  29. Clove
  30. Elm 
  31. Penn 
  32. Starr
  33. Jett
  34. Doe
  35. Moon
  36. Tex
  37. Reeve
  38. Zoh
  39. Oak
  40. Thyme
  41. Dove 
  42. Joss
  43. Bee
  44. Blue
  45. Charm 
  46. Mauve
  47. East
  48. Plum
  49. Kip
  50. Lace
  51. Muse
  52. Gold
  53. Luc
  54. Hart
  55. Jules
  56. Ty
  57. Chad 
  58. West
  59. Linc
  60. Pear
  61. Isle
  62. Jaz
  63. Maude 
  64. Cru 
  65. Rome
  66. Lex
  67. Brae
  68. Reese
  69. Luz
  70. Tal
  71. Dell 
  72. Bay
  73. Lu
  74. Minh
  75. Ayn 


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20 Hilarious & All Too Relatable Third Trimester Memes

If you are in your third trimester of pregnancy, you can probably use a laugh or two, and so we bring you these incredible memes. Of course, you have our permission to be moody and to crave whatever you want for the next three months. You are almost there, but if you are anything like me it probably still seems so far away. I won’t deny that I am a pretty impatient person! Well, here is all the third-trimester impatience and exhaustion in meme form. 

third trimester memes

The 20 Best Third Trimester Memes

1. When your spouse suggests a baby name. 


2. Getting unwarranted parenting advice. 

third trimester memes


3. Cravings, cravings, and more cravings. 

third trimester memes


4. Your last day of work. 


5. How you feel all day, every day. 


6. When your partner breathes next to you. 

third trimester memes


7. When your due date is quickly approaching. 


8. When you explain your trendy baby name choice to your grandma. 

third trimester memes


9. How you feel when people tell you that you are glowing. 


10. When people ask you how far along you are. 


11. Feeling swollen all over. 


12. Looking for your belly button. 


13. When you get to let the belly out. 


14. How you feel when nesting. 

third trimester meme


15. Mood swings… all day long. 

third trimester meme


16. When anyone says the word induce. 


17. When men try to give you any kind of advice about your pregnancy. 


18. Every time you try to get things done and you immediately have to pee. 


19. Mucus plug. 


20. When it is finally, finally time!



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Pregnancy Feet? Here are 15 Great Shoes for Swollen Feet!

You probably already know that at some point in your pregnancy you won’t be able to see your toes, but you might not have considered the dilemma of swollen feet yet. Here are the best shoes for swollen feet to wear while pregnant. And, yes, we made sure that they are cute and on-trend! 

shoes for swollen feet

What To Look For in Shoes When You’re Pregnant and Your Feet are Swollen

Sometimes pregnancy seems like it’s flying by and other times you just want to hit fast forward. It is always good to be prepared since you don’t know what is right around the corner, and since many women struggle with swollen feet you will want a couple of pairs of comfy stretchy shoes. When you are on the hunt for the perfect pair, here are some things to keep in mind; 

  • Avoid Laces- At some point, your belly is going to get so big that you won’t be able to see your feet. This obviously complicates tying your shoes. That being said it is best to just avoid laces altogether. Who needs them anyways? 


  • Say No to Buckles or Straps- Just like with laces, buckles and straps are just going to be really difficult with a big belly in the way! 


  • Support Matters- When your feet are swollen you don’t want to put shoes on period. This makes it tempting to get the flimsiest type of shoe, however, you will definitely want to consider support. Having a supportive shoe will be especially important if you will be on your feet a lot. Even with the most supportive of shoe, you still reserve the right to demand foot rubs. 


  • The Stretchier the Better- Your feet will probably be fluctuating in size quite a bit, so the stretchier the better. This will make it way easier to get your foot in and out. 


  • There are Cute Options!- When reading everything above, it is easy to get discouraged and think that there won’t be any cute shoes to wear while pregnant. Wrong! There are tons of cute options that feature everything above. 

The 15 Best Shoes for Swollen Feet While Pregnant

1. TOMS Classic Slip Ons

shoes for swollen feet

I know TOMS were a big thing years ago, but I am down to bring them back! There are tons of cute color options, my personal favorite being the gray and tweed above. Plus, they are super easy to get on and off and are stretchy enough to form to your swollen feet. 

2. Teva Women’s Arrowood Swift Slip-On (#1 Tennis Shoe for Swollen Feet)

shoes for swollen feet

You guys, I am OBSESSED with these tennis shoes. How pretty is this olive color? Not to mention, they are made of breathable mesh keeping your feet cool. This mesh also provides great stretch, so you can still get your swollen feet in these shoes when you’re pregnant. The sole is super light and offers enough support. This is a great tennis shoe option if you are looking for something with no pesky laces to tie. 

3. Birkenstock- Arizona Suede

shoes for swollen feet

If there is any time in life that you have the excuse to where stocks & socks, it is definitely when you are pregnant. You have to take advantage of this because Birkenstocks are so comfortable! I will warn you, though, that you will want to break these in before your feet start to swell. Once they have formed to your feet, you won’t want to wear anything else. They are perfect for swollen feet since you can widen the strap before you put them on. 

4. Old Navy Flip-Flops

Keeping things simple, you can’t go wrong with Old Navy flip flops. They are comfortable and easy to slide on and off. On top of that, they come in just about every color you can think of and are definitely budget-friendly. This is basically as close as you are going to get to wearing no shoes. Bonus; these will also be great to wear around the hospital when your baby makes their debut! 

5. Adidas Slides

I would like to send a huge thank you to whoever made Adidas slides trendy. These shoes are completely acceptable to wear in public whether you have swollen pregnancy feet or not. They are perfect for every occasion from the grocery store to a doctor’s appointment. These are another great option to pack in your hospital bag, as well (along with some fuzzy socks, of course). They come in a huge variety of colors from the traditional black and white to the pretty mint above.

6. UGG Women’s Slipper (The Comfiest Shoes to Get You Through Swollen Pregnancy Feet)

shoes for swollen feet

These slippers are life-changing. They are extremely soft and comfortable, so you will probably want to wear them around the house all day long. Plus, they do have a rubber bottom if you need to run outside in them. If you will be pregnant through the winter, these are definitely a must-have. 

7. Target Slip-On Flexible Bottom Shoe

I am loving this camo print slip-on shoe. The slip-resistant rubber sole is super flexible, which makes them easy to get on even with swollen feet. I think these would look super cute with a pair of leggings and a long tee. You can find our favorite maternity leggings here!

8. Sketchers Go Walk Joy

They might not be the cutest option on this list, but there is a reason these have long been a favorite among pregnant mamas. These shoes are made of super stretchy material so you won’t ever have a problem getting them onto your swollen feet. They are lightweight and cushiony inside making them a great option if you will be in your feet for an extended time. 

9. New Balance Fuel Core

shoes for swollen feet

Yes, these don’t follow all my rules. However, you can easily tuck the laces in making them a slip-on shoe. These New Balances are a great choice if you refuse to buy a shoe that you will only wear while pregnant. They are super trendy, so you will be able to wear them into motherhood. 

10. Crocs Women’s Busy Day Stretch Asymmetrical Wedge

shoes for swollen feet

If you are a working pregnant mama, these Crocs will keep you comfortable and looking professional. The footbed will have you feeling like you are walking on clouds. They will get the job done whether you are required to stand or walk around for any length of time. To give you an idea of their stretchiness, the top of the shoe is kind of like yoga pants material. 

11. Amazon Essentials Ballet Flat (#1 Shoe for the Working Mama)

This is another option for working pregnant moms. These are an Amazon Essential meaning they are super affordable. They also come in a couple of different colors, so you can perfectly match them to your wardrobe. So many flats get really narrow up by your toes, but these have a rounded toe to give your feet plenty of room. Any extra room in a shoe is a godsend when your pregnant and your feet are swollen.

12. Converse Shoreline Low Top

shoes for swollen feet

If you are a converse girl who is dreading giving them up during pregnancy, these are a great compromise. The back is stretchy so they will easily adjust to a changing foot. Plus, no laces to tie! If you loosen the laces, you can pull the tongue out really far making it a breeze to slip in your swollen foot. 

13. Naturalizer Yola Slip-On Sneaker

Trendy and comfortable, these slip-on sneakers make for the perfect pregnancy shoe. The high platform makes them a bit fancier than the usual slip-on. It is a great shoe to wear out (even though you should know that no matter what the occasion, pregnancy is a pass to dress comfy). The footbed has tons of cushion, too! They also come in a tan and a pretty charcoal color. 

14. Women’s Neida Eva Two Band Slide Sandals

If you love the Birkenstocks but not their price tag, Target has come to the rescue with these two band slide sandals. Just like with the Birkenstocks, you can adjust the straps prior to putting them on if your feet are swollen. This pair also happens to be plastic making them good waterproof shoes for summer months. 

15. Chaco Classic Athletic Sandal (The Best Shoes for Hiking with Swollen Feet) 

If you aren’t letting pregnancy put a pause on your outdoorsy ways, you have to look into getting yourself a pair of Chaco Classic Sandals. They do have a buckle, which isn’t ideal, but as long as you have a hiking buddy they can help you out. This is a great shoe for swollen feet because they are made to custom-fit your foot with easily adjustable straps. 

Don’t worry, you will have your normal feet back someday that fit into those cute booties sitting in your closet. Until then, at least there are lots of ways to cope and plenty of cute shoes to choose from. In the meantime, drink lots of water and keep your feet elevated when possible!

Have More Questions?

Feel free to leave comments below or please reach out to our Rookie Moms Facebook Group if you would like to speak with other mamas! 

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The Best Prenatal Cradles [For Support Mamas Need!]

When a pregnancy reaches the end of the second trimester the baby is growing and so is your belly! This additional weight can be very difficult for a pregnant woman to carry and can affect how her body carries the weight. A prenatal cradle helps to distribute this weight evenly to reduce hip and back pain as well as increase circulation. Whether your doctor has recommended you look into one or your just looking for comfort, here are the top 10 best prenatal cradles!

best prenatal cradle

What is a prenatal cradle?

A prenatal cradle is a supportive medical garment that a doctor may suggest to help support the weight of a pregnant belly. These garments lift the weight of the growing baby from the pelvis to help reduce the weight a pregnant woman’s hips carry throughout the pregnancy. Prenatal cradles also help with lower limb circulation, as the lifting of the belly helps to increase proper blood flow.

A prenatal cradle uses medical-grade materials and velcro straps to support beneath a pregnant belly. It also uses a harness style support to lift the weight from the hips for the rest of the body to support. Keep in mind many people refer to these as a maternity belt.

Prenatal Cradle Must-Haves

When shopping for a prenatal cradle you may want to keep the following in mind to ensure you purchase a garment that will offer the best support while being comfortable and effective.

  • Comfortable: a prenatal cradle is only useful if you wear it, which means it has to be comfortable. 
  • Easy to use: as a pregnant woman with a growing belly you’ll want this garment to be easy to put on, easy to adjust, and easy to get off after a long day.
  • Adjustable: as your body changes you’ll want to make sure you can adjust your support to suit your needs. 
  • Durable: as the pregnancy progresses and the baby grows you’ll rely on the prenatal cradle more to help support the weight and you’ll want a cradle that can provide proper support throughout your pregnancy. 

Top 10 Best Prenatal Cradles

1: It’s You Babe Prenatal Cradle

best prenatal cradle

This product is number one because it’s often considered the “official” prenatal cradle. This garment uses a series of straps to not only support the belly but also lift with side straps. There are support straps that go around the neck to help the garment fit snuggly and to avoid things slipping or sliding down during use. The design helps with posture, support, and comfort. This is a great garment for those that are looking for the most support and don’t mind wearing a full-body piece throughout the day.

2: NEOtech Care Maternity Belt and Pregnancy Support

best prenatal cradle

This prenatal cradle is a very supportive garment. There are two main supports, a wide and breathable back portion for proper back support and belly support. The first portion is the strap that sits below or around the belly, this adjusts on both sides of the belly to allow a good fit. The second strap sits above the belly, helping to keep the garment in position and to maintain a proper fit throughout the day. The higher back support helps keep everything together and gives you proper support in posture as well as around the baby.

3: Leward Maternity Belt Pregnancy Support Belly Brace

The Leward Maternity Belt has a similar design to the previous belts. The back portion is breathable with a mesh design and adjusts on the side for a snug fit. The belly support portion is narrower than the back for comfort and targeted support, while the over the belly strap adjusts on the side as well. This prenatal cradle offers lots of support and pain relief, with three support straps to help hold your belly in place while distributing the weight and giving your back a break.

4: Comfy Mom Belly Band

best prenatal cradle

Another adjustable prenatal cradle offers a unique fit with a stretchy and supportive upper belly band in addition to the main supportive belt. The larger back portion is breathable while offering great support. The lower belly portion is wide enough to support even third-trimester weight. This band offers lots of support and even a little fashion, as it is available in several colors and a range of sizes to suit your needs.

5: Maternity Belt 2.0 Belly Band

A belly band is also a great simple support option that a doctor may suggest early on in a pregnancy. This maternity belt 2.0 is a wide velcro adjustable belt with built-in support boning in the back. This helps the band hold its shape and offer support while you move throughout your day. Using a maternity belt can offer back support as well as a belly lift, and this prenatal cradle was designed to be breathable, flexible, and adjustable. The design of this belt has a wide back portion for optimal support with a narrower front to sit under the belly for enough lift without added bulk.

6: Babo Care Maternity Belt for Back and Pelvic Support

best prenatal cradle

Another great option is this flexible and adjustable maternity belt. The materials in this prenatal cradle are very breathable while offering stretch and a secure fit. The back is supportive while being breathable due to the mesh and elastic. The side velcro makes it easy to customize your fit, both in terms of where it sits under your belly and how supportive it is across your back. This prenatal cradle is unique because it is one size fits all. You won’t have to worry about needing a different size later in your pregnancy! This is a great choice for reducing pain and finding support with a simple design and easy to wear garment.

7: AZMED Maternity Belt and Back Support

This prenatal cradle works to support the belly, back, and hips with compression support which is a little different compared to other maternity belts and prenatal cradles. The design of this garment is more of an elastic, breathable mesh with an adjustable side panel. This gives you a tight fit that both lifts and supports but also provides compression to keep it in place and add support. The belt is wide on both sides to support your lower back and well as the growing belly. The compression can also help reduce pains associated with the added weight, such as lower back pain, pelvic pain, and belly pain.

8: AIZGGE Maternity Belt

Some maternity belts can be used both during pregnancy and after giving birth. Some women find that using their supportive prenatal cradle after they give birth helps keep things feeling supported and comfortable while their body adjusts. This maternity belt option for during and post pregnancy. 

9: It’s You Babe Mini Cradle

The same brand that provides the full prenatal cradle also offers what’s called a mini cradle, or a simple maternity belt. This mini cradle offers a simple design with underbelly support. There’s a set of hook and eye closures to provide a secure fit while laying flat and flush around the belly. This is a good prenatal cradle option for those looking for something simple, straightforward, and supportive. The single band makes it easy to get on and off, and the closures give you some ability to adjust as your belly grows.

10: Nu Momz Belly Band

This prenatal cradle sits right across your belly and back without needing and undershirt or protective layer. This belly band provides a secure and comfortable fit right against the skin. The wide design uses breathable fabric and the belly band has a unique shape to contour to any growing belly. The one-piece belly band makes it easy to put on and take off while the quality stretch keeps it in place throughout the day.

These top 10 prenatal cradles are guaranteed to offer the amount of support you need not only to lift the belly and support the pelvis but to also support your back and increase circulation. Whether you choose a wider maternity belt style or an extra supportive prenatal cradle, you will definitely find relief quickly and throughout the remainder of your day!


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